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New Civil Sanctions for Environmental Offences

The Environment Agency in England and Wales will start using new enforcement powers, called civil sanctions, from 4 January 2011. They give the environmental regulators a wider range of options to use against a business committing certain environmental offences as alternatives to prosecution and criminal penalties of fines and imprisonment. They allow the Environment Agency to take action that is proportionate to the offence and the offender, and reflect the fact that most offences committed by businesses are unintentional.

Fuel Spill (Domestic Heating Oil)

This section provides our general comments on the actions that may be taken in the event of a domestic oil spillage. This section also includes recently published guidance on how to protect both health and the environment from the impact of domestic fuel spills. We always recommend that insurers be contacted at the earliest opportunity to allow specialist contractors to be appropriately appointed.

Contamination Related Planning Conditions

This section includes basic advice on Contamination Related Planning Conditions. If you are looking to undertake redevelopment works and the planning authority has applied conditions relating to contamination, then this section may be of benefit. Advice is included in terms of understanding why conditions have been applied and what works are likely to be required to discharge the conditions.