Case Studies :

Summaries of our most recent projects are listed below in chronological order (most recent first). See all case studies.

Soil and Groundwater Assessment, South-East England

Remediation Strategies were commissioned to asses the quality of soil and groundwater beneath a tank farm area prior to redevelopment and upgrade works to bring the area up to current standards. Works comprised window sampling, hand pits, borehole installation and associated chemical analyses. Reporting included factual and interpretative works, together with the creation of a redevelopment constraints plan.

Pollution Prevention and Contol, West Wales

Remediation Strategies were requested to develop a pneumatic barrier for a given oil spill response scenario. A pneumatic barrier uses compressed air in an underwater environment to create a vertical ‘bubble barrier’ and a standing wave at the water surface, with the purpose of containing a given spillage of oil.

Chemical Storage

Remediation Consultancy, South Wales

As part of a long term programme of environmental liability management works, a Remediation Strategy document, including a Remediation Options Appraisal, was completed for the clean up of an expanding groundwater contamination plume. Works included detailed discussions with the Regulatory Authorities and obtaining their agreement for works to proceed.

Soil and Groundwater Assessment, North-West England

Remediation Strategies were retained to undertake contamination delineation works following the accidental release of 12,000 litres of red diesel at a logistics depot. Boreholes were installed radially outwards using a variety of techniques and allowed effective lateral and vertical profiling of soil contamination, together with identification of any groundwater impact. Works were undertaken in phases to ensure full delineation of the spill had been completed.

Pollution Prevention and Control, North-East England

Remediation Strategies have assisted an electronic component manufacturer with the emergency response and preparedness component of an ISO 14001 accreditation process. A combination of pollution prevention and control products and services were provided including pollution control equipment and spill response training.

Soil and Groundwater Assessment, Northern England

Remediation Strategies assisted in the investigation, assessment and remediation of hydrocarbon vapours at a residential property. Prior to works commencing, the property was deemed uninhabitable due to hydrocarbon vapours. Investigation works revealed low hydrocarbon contamination in soil, but a number of potential vapour pathways were noted and remediation works were undertaken to break these migration pathways. After one week, no further vapours were recorded at the property.

Pollution Prevention & Control, Northern England

Remediation Strategies were requested to provide advice and subsequently to supply a number of pollution prevention and control measures to assist an automotive manufacturer comply with their surface water discharge limits. A combination of drain identification markers, portable Draintector bladders for isolating individual drains and a full scale Draintector system installed at the site outfall were supplied to the client.

Remediation Consultancy, East Wales

Remediation Strategies completed an Environmental Risk Review for a former automotive manufacturing facility in East Wales. The review was required on rapid turnaround to allow the landowner to make an assessment of the impact of site activities on land quality prior to the surrender of a lease.

Chemical Storage

Remediation Consultancy, South Wales

Remediation Strategies were retained by a leading National Chemical Company to assist in the management of a long term environmental liability at their facility in South Wales. The long term strategy employed at the site comprised a phased approach in line with current best practice (as defined in CLR 11). Specifically, the following individual work items were identified and completed in a systematic manner, with the results of each phase reported and analysed prior to any further action.

Impacted Soil Arisings

Soil and Groundwater Assessment, Southern England

Remediation Strategies were retained by a leading UK Demolition Group to assist with the delineation of contamination associated with a former Strategic Fuel Depot in Southern England. The 6 Hectare site contained 4 No Bulk Fuel Installations for the storage of aviation fuel, with associated distribution and filling infrastructure.