Remediation Consultancy, East Wales


Remediation Strategies were retained to undertake an Environmental Risk Review at a former automotive parts manufacturing facility in East Wales. The review was required to assess the extent of any environmental liability prior to the surrender of a lease at the site. Works comprised the review of numerous historical site investigation reports, a detailed site walkover and audit, a review of the available published data for the site including historical mapping and the preparation of a detailed report including recommendations.

Work Scope

The Environmental Risk Review included the following specific components:

  • A detailed description of the site at the time of the audit;
  • Lists of all available site documents and publications;
  • A description of the activities previously undertaken on site (as reported by site staff);
  • A site history, including a review of the available historical maps and documentation;
  • Presentation of the site’s environmental setting (geology, hydrology, hydrogeology etc);
  • A summary of the potential sources of contamination (current and historic);
  • A review of previous site investigation works at the site;
  • The development of a conceptual site model and preliminary risk assessment; and
  • Summary, conclusions and recommendations for further work to quantify identified uncertainties/risk.


Remediation Strategies completed an Environmental Risk Review for a former automotive manufacturing facility in East Wales. The review was required on rapid turnaround to allow the landowner to make an assessment of the impact of site activities on land quality prior to the surrender of a lease.

Time Frame

Works were completed within one week of instruction during June 2010.

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