Remediation Consultancy, South Wales


Remediation Strategies were retained by a leading National Chemical Company to assist in the management of a long term environmental liability at their facility in South Wales. Remediation Strategies developed and agreed a long term strategy to address a residual contamination issue with both the Regulatory Authorities and other interested parties. The strategy included works to review, monitor, assess, and if necessary, take remedial action to address any identified residual risks.

Work Scope

The long term strategy employed at the site comprised a phased approach in line with current best practice (as defined in CLR 11). Specifically, the following individual work items were identified and completed in a systematic manner, with the results of each phase reported and analysed prior to any further action. Works included the following:

  • Site familiarisation, including an initial review of all available documentation and environmental reports relating to the site;
  • Gap analyses of the existing dataset to determine whether any further works are required in order to adequately assess the site;
  • Site works, to complete the delineation of the contamination through the installation of additional exploratory positions and further groundwater monitoring, sampling and analyses;
  • An evaluation of risks to human health and the environment using Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment;
  • Recommendations for further work and/or the design of controls to manage any risks to human health or the environment;
  • Consultation with all stakeholders including the Regulatory Authorities; and
  • Implementation of agreed corrective measures, including a long term monitoring programme.


Remediation Strategies were able to assist by providing and implementing a robust strategy to review, monitor and assess the nature, extent and significance of residual contamination at the site.

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