Soil and Groundwater Assessment, Wales


Remediation Strategies were retained to undertake a soil and groundwater assessment at an operational petrol filling station in West Wales. Significant redevelopment works were proposed at the site to include new above and below ground fuel storage and dispensing infrastructure together with a new mini-mart style retail building. The local authority required physical confirmation that no residual contamination was present in the vicinity of the old underground storage tanks that were to be decommissionied and left in situ.

Work Scope

Site works were conducted in a phased manner to ensure the petrol filling station could remain operational throughout the works. A specialist underground service detection company were employed to confirm the location and extent of the underground storage tanks (no plans were available) and to identify the location of fuel fill and vent lines. This information was collated, illustrtated graphically and included within our final documentation.

Window sampling was identified as the most suitable investigation technique and boreholes were installed adjacent to the underground storage tanks. Soil samples were obtained and submitted to the laboratory for analyses using accredited techniques.

A brief report including the findings of the underground service location works, copies of the intrusive investigation logs and the certificates of chemical analyses was collated and subsequently submitted to the regulatory authorities in support of the planning application.


Remediation Strategies were retained to assist a site owner proposing to upgrade a petrol filling station site in west Wales. The regulatory authorities required a soil and groundwater assessment to be completed as part of the planning submission, to demonstrate that the fuel storage and dispensing infrastructure beneath the site (which was to be left in situ) had not leaked historically and impacted soil and groundwater.

Time Frame

Works were completed over a four week period in July and August 2008.

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