Groundwater Remediation

Groundwater Clean Up

Remediation Strategies are able to offer a full water treatment and groundwater remediation service, from plant and equipment to assist with site dewatering and excavation works, through to bespoke groundwater treatment systems including techniques such as product recovery, vacuum extraction and chemical dosing (pH balancing).

Water Treatment

  • Desludging, Oil Water Separation, Polishing with Activated Carbon
  • Pumping and Control Infrastructure

Product Recovery

  • LNAPL & DNAPL Pumped Recovery Systems
  • In-situ Skimming Systems
  • Multi Phase Vacuum Extraction
  • Conventional Bulk Pump & Treat Systems
  • Combination Pump, Vac and Skim Systems

Dissolved Phase Groundwater Treatment

  • Air Sparging and Vacuum Extraction
  • In-situ Chemical Oxidation
  • Accelerated Natural Attenuation
  • Chemical Dosing
  • Groundwater Re-injection
  • Thermal / Steam Treatment